Watch New Moon Online

Watch New Moon Online

Wanna Watch New Moon Online ? Is that what you are craving for? I bet you can’t wait to watch Bella and Edward not only in this episode, but through the whole Twilight Saga.

And who remembers the previous  episode, Twilight? And how cool would it be to have all the movies of the Twilight Saga in one place ?

The conclusion is… I found out a way to have all the movies of the Twilight Saga as they come out in teathres: as soon as all the movies of the Saga are available, you will be able to watch them here.

Awesome, isn’t it? ;-)

Let me explain how you can watch all the episodes of the Twilight Saga available today and that will be available in the future (but make sure they are out first).

Here you are (…)


Unfortunately, in the past few weeks this website was being attacked by spam bots, with the sad results that people like you were not able to access the site.

Can’t watch anything at all :-(

So I had to do something about it: this is how to watch them and in the meantime, help me prevent the site being pulled down by hackers.

In order to watch Twilight, watch New Moon and all the other episodes of the Twilight Saga (when they will be out) you have to:

- Click the link at the bottom of the page (or here)

- Fill in the survey captcha to unblock the content (and spammers can go to hell :) )

It will take about 4 minutes and then you’ll be able to enjoy the whole Twilight Saga available as we speak today!

Warning: it may happen that due to all the pages won’t be available to everyone. So if you are seriously interested in this thing, I suggest you to click here right now and claim your “seat” NOW.

I’m sorry  if it’s not available. Try later.


PS: wanna watch Twilight Online? Wanna watch New Moon online and the other episodes of the saga when they will be out? Click the link and enjoy it…

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